Central Point is a GREAT place
to start because success requires
a strong foundation

1) Why Central

Because it’s a GREAT place to start your child’s education! Your child’s first educational steps create the imprints for future learning. Central Point creates solid, defined and directional imprints a child will build upon throughout his/her education.

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2) First Class

Central Point fully equips its classrooms with all the materials and devices necessary promote an interactive, hands-on and fun education. Our well-designed classrooms allow our students to work with materials and learn in small groups. Peer support and interaction in the classroom enhances and encourages learning.

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3) Be Part of
a Community

Central Point is synonymous with the word community. Our small campus creates a welcoming community. Parents, students, teachers and administrators know each other well. A strong sense of belonging and identification within our school environment makes Central Point feel like a large family instead of a small school.

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4) Fully Qualified

Our talented, qualified and nurturing teachers make our curriculum come alive and make learning fun. Our teachers taught and originate from various parts of the world and therefore provide diverse and wonderful approaches to teaching. Our diverse staff will allow your child to appreciate others and learn from their differences. What a wonderful and natural way to expose your child to diversity!

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Watch this video to learn more or call to arrange a visit.

Where to find us

PHONE: +420 776 261 750
ADDRESS: Fibichova 2, Praha 3 - Žižkov, 130 00


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