Central Point is a GREAT place
to start because success requires
a strong foundation

Our community

Central Point’s small campus creates a welcoming community and creates a strong sense of belonging, which enhances and encourages student confidence, pride and desire to succeed. Although our school community offers a personal and informal feeling, we maintain a high level of professionalism. Central Point treats all members of our school community with respect and we value every member for the contribution they make to our community. A close working relationship among school staff creates a great educational and supportive environment.

Our relaxed and friendly environment fosters strong support within and outside our school community. Our teachers interact frequently and informally with parents and this fosters cooperation. Collaboration with pupils, parents and teachers allows for an optimistic, open and objective approach to learning. Small classes allow our teachers to know every student well and this allows them to tailor lessons and offer special provisions for individual needs and talents when necessary.

Ask any parent at Central Point to identify what they appreciate most about our school and the vast majority, will tell you our school community is one of our best qualities. However, it’s not our only good quality, so keep reading to learn more or arrange a visit and experience the truth first hand.

We look forward to welcoming you to Central Point and to making you a part of our community.