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Our Curriculum

Central Point developed a well-rounded quality curriculum, by focusing on the developmental milestones students should reach to achieve a quality education. We compared, researched and reviewed curriculums approved in America and the UK. We targeted the elements most crucial to the development and education of children attending elementary school and then considered the specific needs of our students. We stay in line with common core and British standards to readily prepare our graduates who will complete their educational steps in an International, American or British school.

Our integrative approach to teaching links all subjects together and creates a well-rounded and productive form of education. Our topics of study offer opportunities to bring the outside world into the classroom. Teaching children about things they can relate to and experience makes learning fun, which leads to success.

Our curriculum and inquiry based approach to learning encourages our students to ask questions, to make comments and to wonder why or how things work. As a result, our students take an active and important educational step toward becoming a successful student and learner. Curiosity and a desire to find an answer to questions is the trait of a successful student.

Central Point places strong emphasis on diversity and we encourage our students to consider ideas, perceptions and outcomes in a variety of ways so they can grow into caring and considerate young adults.

At Central Point we encourage creativity, and therefore in addition to language arts, math, science and social studies, art and music play an important role in our program. Art and music provide a stimulating outlet, which encourages and promotes creativity. When creativity is paired with knowledge, the doors to future innovations open.

Curriculum Overview of Subjects

Language Arts

The importance of English in the curriculum is paramount. English substantiates all other areas of learning in school. Therefore, we focus on developing the language skills of each student in a stimulating manner and meeting individual student needs. Our English and literature curriculum meets the common core and British standards of learning including grammar, word study, comprehension, literature, and writing.


We teach Mathematics using Singapore math techniques, a hands-on approach and by applying real life experiences in an environment, which encourages learning. We provide opportunities and experiences, which allow children to develop their mathematical skills in a natural and fun way. We encourage students to extend their mathematical knowledge through challenging and motivating lessons. Students develop the ability to use numbers and mathematical skills in everyday life. The math curriculum meets the common core and British standards.


We teach science by allowing our students to develop ideas and use critical thinking. This approach enables our students to make sense of the world around them through investigation. We prepare children for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world while teaching concern and active care for our environment.

The science curriculum meets the expected standards in life science, physical science, Earth science and space, as well as investigative science. We encourage a positive attitude toward science by using a child’s natural curiosity and teaching him/her to observe, measure, predict, hypothesize, experiment, communicate, interpret, explain and evaluate.

We value science as a vehicle for the development of language skills, and we encourage our students to talk constructively about their scientific experiences. Throughout our teaching, we link science with literacy and mathematics.

Design and Technology

'Design and Technology capability' is defined as a student's ability to function creatively and effectively in the ‘made’ world. Design and technology offers a broad area of study, which involves far more than designing and making artifacts from a variety of materials. Information and communication technology (ICT) is included in design and technology education and is developed as a cross-curricular skill. Programming increases in difficulty as our students’ progress through the years and lessons.

Social Studies

Social studies combines history, geography, economics and civic education. As an integrated subject it allows us to introduce and teach diversity, humanity and citizenship by exposing children to world culture, events, people and places.

In history, we explore historical aspects and events. We introduce students to stories and factual information to educate them about the world before they lived in it and encourage them to think about how historical events shaped the world. Diversity is expressed and emphasized as an important aspect involved in understanding and respecting historical events.

In geography, we focus on the study of people and places. Our students learn about nature, landmarks, people, cultures and locations. We encourage a sense of responsibility and care of the Earth and its people.

In economics, the curriculum focuses on establishing the role of money in everyday life as well as expanding the knowledge of trade, taxes, resources and scarcity of resources. Our students learn economic concepts by identifying producers, consumers, buyers and sellers in their own community.

Civic education aims to equip each student with the skills necessary to become a responsible member of a family, local community and citizen of the world. We consistently encourage our students to learn tolerance and to respect diversity with regard to ethnicity, culture and gender.


Creativity is fundamental to successful learning. Art and design stimulates creativity and imagination using visual, tactile and sensory experiences and processes. We emphasize and encourage self-expression while teaching our students to appreciate the creative expression of others.

Art appreciation is an important aspect of the art curriculum. Our students learn to appreciate different works of art and connect art to the world. Our students also learn about history and people long ago through art.


We encourage our students to enjoy music in a variety of ways. Our students learn to listen with concentration and recall sounds with increasing auditory memory. We also encourage out students to organize sounds and musical ideas to create musical patterns and to express musical ideas and feelings through movement. Our students learn to respond to a range of musical stimuli and develop an awareness of different types of music. Music connects children to the world and helps them learn about people and society. The best thing our students experience in music class is the way music brings people together.

Physical Education

Physical education, experienced in a safe and supportive environment is vital and unique in its contribution to a student's physical and emotional development and health. The physical education curriculum provides opportunities for our students to increase self-confidence through the ability to manage themselves successfully in a variety of situations and skill levels. An appropriate balance of individual, team and competitive activities aims to cater to individual needs and abilities.

Character Education

Character Education has an important place in our curriculum and school. Character Education provides an opportunity to focus on the needs, feelings and reactions of each child. Teaching children about respect, fairness, courage and growing into caring and trustworthy citizens is a responsibility Central Point feels honored to offer, because we enjoy helping children grow and mature into responsible young citizens of the world.

Health and Personal Awareness

Personal awareness, personal health and health education play an important role in our curriculum. We believe educating children in these areas will encourage and motivate them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Identifying various character traits, controlling emotions, managing stress and cultivating decision making skills have equal importance in our health curriculum.

Core areas, such as personal health and safety, disease and medicine, give our students opportunities to develop skills and strategies to maintain personal health as well as identify factors and living habits, which increase the risk of developing disease and/or poor health conditions. Emergency and safety procedures focus on cultivating the actual ability to respond appropriately to emergency situations and to stay safe.

Czech Curriculum

Central Point offers and implements the Czech curriculum as an extension of our program and we are accredited by the Minister of Education in the Czech Republic. We feel honored to offer and implement the Czech curriculum as an extension of our program. We offer this option to Czech natives or non-natives who can maintain the appropriate level within in the classroom. Our Czech curriculum was developed, formulated and based on the expectations and standards required by the Ministry of education in the Czech Republic.

We work closely with our partner school Na Smetance, a Czech elementary school in Prague 2. Native Czech students register with this school and take standardized state regulated exams required of all Czech students twice per year. We will prepare our Czech students to take these exams by offering materials related to the subjects and information presented on the exams.

Our Czech program can potentially allow students to enter a Czech Gymnasium or state school upon completing our program in 5th grade. Although, we focus on Czech language and grammar skills and meet or exceed the Czech state standards, Czech students who wish to enter a Czech gymnasium upon graduation should begin to seek support in other components of the Czech curriculum such as math from the beginning or middle of 4th grade in order to prepare for a gymnasium exam toward the end of 5th grade.

Czech students may wish to continue in an international program upon graduation and we equally prepare students for that educational option as well.

Czech Curriculum / Učební osnovy českého jazyka