Central Point is a GREAT place
to start because success requires
a strong foundation

1st class facilities

Success requires a strong foundation. Our school has a strong foundation, which leads to success. We designed our classrooms to promote student participation and learning by creating a bright and inviting educational environment. Every classroom has a full range of quality, interactive materials carefully selected to enhance our curriculum.

To enhance and promote learning we use materials children can touch and manipulate to actively participate in the learning process. However, in this technological age importance lies in providing and exposing children to up-to-date technical materials, which can assist the learning process. Therefore, our students also use computers, iPads and listening centers on a regular basis to enhance the learning process and to teach them how to collect information from a variety of resources. Equal importance lies in teaching children how to use technology safely and efficiently.

Fortunately, Central Point has access to a nearby facility, which offers our school the use of a full size gym and swimming pool. Therefore, we can provide a proper and necessary Physical Education program once per week. Our private, secure and roomy outdoor garden/playground provides additional opportunities for our students to receive physical exercise on a daily basis.