Central Point is a GREAT place
to start because success requires
a strong foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of enrolling my child in Central Point Elementary International School?

Central Point is a great place to start your child’s education. Our small campus and class sizes creates a strong sense of belonging and identification. Our school environment often feels like a large family instead of a school. Our students receive a high quality education and leave prepared for their next educational step.
Choose Central Point and your child will graduate a knowledgeable, confident, and eager learner ready for the next challenge.

Where will my child go to complete his education?

Each child and family will need to consider what educational steps to take upon graduating from Central Point, but we can assist families with this decision by identifying available options such as Czech gymnasium, International, American or British schools.
In all cases, Central Point will prepare your child. By the end of the 3rd grade (year 4) parents should schedule an appointment with the school principal to discuss the future education of their child. Once parents know the next educational step their child will take, Central Point will consider the steps leading up to graduation with the next educational step in mind.

My Child is Czech and must take the state regulated exams. Will Central Point prepare her for these exams and when will the tests be taken?

Central Point will prepare all Czech Nationals for state required exams. Czech students take exams twice per year within our school or at our partner school Na Smetance in Prague 2 where your child will register as a student.

Is Central Point an accredited school?

Central Point has earned accreditation from the Minister of Education in the Czech Republic. We continually grow and develop to meet the highest standards.

My child loves to keep busy with activities. Do you offer any after school activities or clubs?

We offer many after school clubs to enhance and develop additional skills. Our clubs change according to the interest of the children. Some of our current clubs include art, drama, yoga, Czech for foreigners, ballet, modern dance, choir, music, ceramics, wood shop, and science. We always search for new club ideas to meet the interests of the children and we always welcome suggestions.

My Child is a vegetarian. Do you offer a vegetarian option for lunch?

A Local catering company prepares our snacks and lunches and always meet the dietary needs of a child. Therefore, they offer a vegetarian option on a daily basis.
We can also accommodate children who don’t eat pork, dairy products or gluten products. Simply let us know your child’s dietary need and we will accommodate that need.

My Child is a very picky eater and will only eat cheese sandwiches. Can I pack my child’s lunch?

It is possible to pack a lunch for your child. Pack lunches in containers that will keep food warm or cold until lunchtime. Hygiene regulations do not allow us to warm food in the microwave or keep food in the refrigerator. Packed lunches should contain healthy food and snacks. Packed lunches should not contain chocolate, sweets or soft drinks. All containers should have your child’s name clearly marked.

I would like my child to learn another language. Are additional languages taught at Central Point?

After school clubs currently offer Spanish and Czech language lessons 1x per week.
Additionally, from 2nd grade (year 3) we offer Czech as a second language for children who are not Czech natives. From the 3rd grade (year 4) we offer Spanish one hour per week to all students.

When I visited your school I did not see typical workbooks. What learning materials are provided for the purpose of teaching?

Workbooks haven’t become obsolete yet, but they often limit rather than enhance a curriculum. Since we teach a diverse international curriculum, finding a workbook to match the material in our curriculum wasn’t possible. For this reason, we have created special workbooks to support our curriculum in English, Social Studies and Science. By creating our own workbooks we can ensure we have access to the materials we want to teach and this gives us the opportunity to accommodate our lessons to meet the needs of our students.
However, after much research, we found a math workbook to fit our needs and uses the Singapore Math approach. This approach to teaching math has allowed our students to excel in math and they enjoy the approach and methods used to learn math.

During our school visit we noticed the children were using iPads. How do you utilize these devices in the classroom?

In this modern technological age, we must find ways to bring technology into the classroom. iPads have become great supplemental educational tools. The educational applications we have selected for our iPads enhance our curriculum and students can work independently to practice and improve skills.
However, technology does not dominate our classrooms and we still enjoy teaching with materials our students can use and manipulate with their hands. For tactile learners, touch and hands-on learning is important.