Central Point is a GREAT place
to start because success requires
a strong foundation

Our Focus

Central Point International Elementary School focuses on the needs, strengths and weaknesses of every child. We treat every child as an individual and our diverse approach to teaching allows our students the flexibility and support they need to succeed. Central Point provides a stimulating, enriching, diverse and challenging education, which appeals to eager young leaners ages 5-12 (Kindergarten – 5th Grade).

At Central Point, we appreciate mistakes. Mistakes show us a student tired and mistakes give us the opportunity to help students find the correct answer. Perfection is not our aim or focus. We prefer to focus on improving and developing skills, which lead to success. Our school and staff will never stop improving or developing and we will always encourage our students to continually improve.

The children of today are the future. As educators, parents and citizens it is our job to make certain we prepare children for the future. This is a challenge, responsibility and opportunity Central Point accepts and takes quite seriously.

Exploring our website is the first step toward providing a quality education for your child. We look forward to welcoming you to Central Point and giving us the opportunity to educate your child. Central Point is a great place to start your child's education!