Central Point is a GREAT place
to start because success requires
a strong foundation

Fully Qualified teachers

A staff of fully qualified teachers is a must for any school. So, what makes our fully qualified teachers special? Dedication, a passion for teaching and the ability to make our curriculum come alive makes our teachers stand out among others. Visit any of our classrooms and you will see engaged students interested in learning and teachers excited to teach. Our teachers strive to make learning fun, interesting and challenging every day.

Our teachers work hard to ensure our graduates will meet the future with confidence, enthusiasm and the knowledge required to succeed. Education becomes effective when learners are motivated, inspired and challenged to look beyond the topic taught. When children are inspired to dream and challenged to achieve, the world becomes a playground where anything is possible.

Central Point treats each student as an individuals and inspires them to achieve. Our teachers eagerly and energetically bring the world closer to our students by expanding their knowledge of the ever changing world while teaching them the importance of diversity and respect.