“Panda Learning Center values
the importance of a child's first
educational experience.”

First Class Facilities

Panda Learning Center created warm, bright and inviting classrooms with high quality materials to challenge, stimulate and encourage learning. Sometimes we use technology to enhance the learning process. Although we recognize technology as an important tool, young children benefit from hands-on learning materials. Therefore, wooden, natural and educational materials and books dominate the classroom and learning methods.

We carefully select all our learning materials to meet the learning needs of the children. Montessori and wooden materials account for the majority of our materials. We alternate our materials a few times throughout the school year to ensure stimulation and interest in the materials.

Our water table, sand table and well-stocked art area provide additional opportunities for children to learn using creativity, imagination and five senses to learn.

Our well stocked and ever growing school library offers books for children and parents. Reading is the most important tool required in the learning process and therefore helping children learn to appreciate, respect and develop a love for books and reading offers children an invaluable gift.

Our teachers read books to our children on a daily basis and the children visit our school library regularly to borrow books. We welcome parents to borrow books for themselves and/or for their child. You will find our library hours and guidelines posted in our library.

Visit our bright, inviting classroom and discover what makes Panda Learning Center the right choice for your child!