“Panda Learning Center values
the importance of a child's first
educational experience.”

Our focus

Panda Learning Center is committed to the learning process of each child. We provide the skills, tools and knowledge required for a child to successfully continue his/her education in our elementary school Central Point, at a public Czech school, or other educational system. Central Point International Elementary School is an extension of our preschool program with a Czech and English curriculum. For more information regarding our elementary school, please visit our website at

We believe the emotional development of a young child is equally and sometimes more important than a young child’s academic development. Therefore, we focus on helping children develop emotionally by encouraging children to express and identify their emotions and suggest appropriate ways to express and handles emotions. We encourage and reinforce emotional expression, because when a child expresses an emotion we have the opportunity to teach appropriate ways to manage the emotion and feeling or reinforce positive and appropriate emotional expression.

Relational skills are essential to the developmental and emotional process of children. We encourage all children to develop positive relationships with their peers and staff. Modeling and role-play among our staff promotes success in this area. We praise children for positive behavior and identify positive alternatives to negative behavior. We resolve any problem by teaching proper and positive responses to the problem. Children will learn how to express and manage actions and feelings in a positive and thoughtful manner.

Imagination and creativity offer important aspects to development, learning and self-expression. We use guidelines during activities, but we encourage children to use their imagination and creativity to express ideas, thoughts and feelings.

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