“Panda Learning Center values
the importance of a child's first
educational experience.”

Daily Schedule

Our daily schedule ensures our children receive a balanced and quality educational experience every day. Although timetables vary from group to group, the content of each group remains the same. We limit our day to eight hours, because children need unstructured play and time to relax at home or outside the structure of school. Parents who need extended hours usually seek the support of a nanny or family member.

School starts at 8:30am with the possibility to arrive as early as 8:20am. The daily program begins at 9am with a morning circle time. Throughout the day all groups will engage in a learning activity based on a weekly theme with focus on language, math, fine or gross motor skills each day. Opportunities to use the classroom materials, enjoying outside play, and eating 1-2 snacks (depending on dismissal time) and a enjoying a warm healthy lunch create a full and active day for your child.

Within our weekly program we have special activities to enhance your child’s learning including puppet show/story time 2 times per month, music, library time and gym or swimming for children 4 years and up at the nearby Sokol and Olsanka Hotel

After school clubs occur from 3:35pm-4:20pm. We select our clubs according to the interest of the children. Our current clubs include ballet, modern dance, ceramics, art, drama, yoga, Czech for foreigners, Spanish, wood shop and kung fu. We continually search for new club ideas and we welcome parent suggestions.

It’s amazing how much the children and teachers accomplish each day!