“Panda Learning Center values
the importance of a child's first
educational experience.”

Why Panda

Panda Learning Center understands children learn more and better when they have fun. Teaching children how to learn in a fun playful and educational manner provides lifelong skills, which will help your child become a successful learner.

We nurture and cultivate young minds in a fun, relaxed and stimulating educational environment. We use of music, movement, art and a variety of learning techniques and materials designed to promote language development and creativity as well as the development of fine and gross motor skills.

Montessori materials and teaching techniques within our program provide a well-balanced, strong and solid base. Combining the Montessori Method with a teacher guided approach creates a balance between the boundaries and freedom of learning.

Children learn about the world using all five senses. Panda Learning Center provides multi-sensory materials and experiences to nurture your child’s thirst for knowledge about the world. Providing children with opportunities to learn using all five senses allows children to experience learning on a variety of levels.

We prepare children to meet the next education stage with the confidence and skills needed to succeed. We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our school.

Come learn and play the Panda way!