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A strong academic and emotional foundation! At Panda Learning Center, we help children develop the skills, and knowledge to continue in our elementary school Central Point, a public Czech school, or other educational system. Central Point International Elementary School is an extension of our preschool program with a Czech and English curriculum. For more information regarding our elementary school, please visit our website at

Our teachers realize children learn differently, and develop at different rates. We help children understand and appreciate their learning style so they can become successful learners. We understand imagination and creativity contribute greatly to learning, development, and self-expression so we encourage children to express ideas using creative thoughts and ideas.

We believe the emotional development of a young child is equally, if not more important, than academic development. Therefore, we help children develop emotionally by offering a safe environment to share, explore, and discuss their feelings. We encourage positive relationships with peers and staff, and offer positive alternatives to negative behavior. At Panda Learning Center, children learn to express and manage actions and feelings in a positive and thoughtful manner.

Panda Leaning Center inspires children to achieve. We encourage effective learning by motivating and challenging students to look beyond the information taught. Inspiring children to dream and challenging them to achieve turns the world into a playground of endless possibilities.

Come see how children learn and play at Panda Learning Center!

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