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Inquiry-based learning! At Panda Learning Center, we understand children learn better when engaged and having fun. Therefore, our teachers support inquiry-based learning, and create educational lessons, which engage children and allow them to have fun. We encourage children to take control of their own learning, while helping them build self-confidence and academic skills necessary for their next educational stage at our elementary school, Central Point, or other school.

How do we do this?

By adhering to our mission statement! We complete our mission by inspiring children to discover how perseverance, self-confidence, and a positive attitude can lead to success.


How do we achieve this?

By focusing on the core values of our school.

• Valuing children for who they are

• Recognizing, appreciating, and fostering uniqueness

• Understanding the needs of each child

• Embracing diversity

• Ensuring children feel safe and secure

• Presenting learning as a lifelong process

• Establishing co-operation with parents

What is our goal?

To fulfill our vision of helping every child. . .

• discover, and acknowledge his/her individual potential

• discover, value, and appreciate learning

• discover how to believe in him/herself

• discover how to face adversity with confidence, and solutions

• discover his/her own unique qualities

At Panda Center, we take our role as educators seriously, and recognize education as a collaborative effort among educators, parents and students. When children actively participate in their own learning they develop skills of a lifelong learner.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our school. Come learn and play the Panda way!

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