“Panda Learning Center values
the importance of a child's first
educational experience.”

Fully Qualified Staff

Our qualified, dedicated and caring staff ensure a positive and directional education for your child. Our teachers provide activities and experiences designed to promote success and a feeling of accomplishment. Our international, experienced and qualified teachers have qualification in pedagogical or related field and have varied experiences related to child development. Our staff come from different parts of the world and therefore offer a natural way to introduce diversity to our program.

We design and modify our teaching techniques and activities to meet the demands of the children. We recognize, accept and respect the different needs and learning styles of every child. Our teachers constantly and consistently adjust the classroom, activities, techniques and procedures to meet the needs and demands of a child or group.

We assess all children twice per year in a non-critical manner to monitor developmental milestones. Assessments provide a valid way to monitor a child's development and offers opportunities to provide additional support in an area or areas requiring extra attention or to recognize exceptional skills requiring extra attention and/or direction.

Our staff have the qualifications and capability to recognize developmental delays. If a member of our staff detects a developmental delay or concern, we will offer appropriate and useful suggestions, techniques or activities to help a child improve. We encourage parents to accept or consider suggestions regarding his/her child's development since we always have the best interest of a child in mind. Addressing a developmental delay early greatly increases the chances of improving a developmental delay or bringing it to an age appropriate level.

Developmental levels vary from child to child and we encourage parents to avoid using the developmental level of another child to measure the developmental level of their child. In some cases a child's development may accelerate in one area while another area of development remains delayed. If we question the developmental level of a child, we will monitor and progress and/or seek the advice of a professional prior to making specific decisions or discussing the findings with the child’s parents.

The school principal comes from America and has a master's degree in clinical psychology with an emphasis in child psychology. Her interactive hands-on approach ensures the program continually meets the standards for success including, but not limited to, staff quality, program implementation, developing and maintaining positive relationships with the children and parents and monitoring all aspects of the program. Her office is always open for any questions/comments/concerns.

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