Ms. Lana

Founder / School Director

Originally from the US, Lana has background in education, and worked as a clinical therapist for abused children, battered women, and adults and children with mental disabilities and drug addiction. A love of children and learning led to the creation of a school that embraces learning, diversity and a positive approach to education. “I may not change the world, but I hope to make a positive impact.” Come visit and see what we can offer your child and family.

Mr. Petr


Born and raised in the Czech Republic, Petr’s background in engineering is why our school building and playground has grown and developed into a welcoming and inviting environment where children have fun learning, feel safe, and create lasting friendships. Every year positive changes occur with Petr’s help and creativity.

Ms. Emily

School Coordinator

Originally for the US, Emily begins her 4th year at our school. After teaching 4th grade for two years, she accepted the challenge of School Support Coordinator. As our school coordinator, Emily wears many hats, and is the glue that supports our school. She enjoys staying connected with the children by teaching G3-G5 Character Education and G5 study skills weekly.

Ms. Bahar

Brown Bear Assistant

Originally from Iran, Bahar has a degree in primary education. She enjoys using her knowledge and background as a primary teacher and mom to shape the youngest members of our community. Her nurturing and pleasant nature make her a natural with young children.

Ms. Katarina

Polar Bear Teacher

Originally from Slovakia, Katarina begins her second year in our Polar Bear class. Katarina’s creative and musical interests are clearly visible in her teaching. When you enter Katarina’s classroom you will see fun, active and creative activities and happy children. It is obvious Katarina enjoys teaching, and she does it well.

Mr. Agnar

Polar Bear Assistant

Originally from Iceland, Agnar has been a dedicated member of our school for almost ten years. Not only does he teach our Polar bears, he also teaches G1-G3 art. His structured approach and creative ideas make him well liked among children and parents. You will often find Agnar reading to the children or telling them stories, as he enjoys sharing literature and imagination with children.

Ms. Andrea

Panda Bear Teacher

Originally from Slovakia, Andrea lived in the UK and has been teaching at Panda for nine years. Having taught our youngest members for nine year, Andrea has focused on a new challenge this year, and will lead our Panda Bears to success. Her structured and consistent approach creates a stable, organized learning environment where children feel safe creating and learning.

Mr. Roberto

Panda Bear Assistant

Originally from Spain, Roberto has been teaching at our school for the past six years. As a teaching assistant, Roberto offers the structure and flexibility children need to grow and learn. Roberto dedicates some of his time teaching Spanish to our elementary students, and creating fun science lessons in his classroom, and as an after school club. Roberto also helps with our IT questions and creations.

Lida, Mila and Ruslana


Every person at our school plays an important role. However, without these three women, our school wouldn't run as smoothly as it does. They ensure our school remains clean and tidy throughout each day, and make sure all the children and staff have full tummies. We appreciate their hard work and contributions to our community.