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Ms. Lana

Founder / School Director

Originally from the US, Lana has background in education, and worked as a clinical therapist for abused children, battered women, and adults and children with mental disabilities and drug addiction. A love of children and learning led to the creation of a school that embraces learning, diversity and a positive approach to education. “I may not change the world, but I hope to make a positive impact.” Come visit and see what we can offer your child and family.


Mr. Petr


Born and raised in the Czech Republic, Petr’s background in engineering is why our school building and playground has grown and developed into a welcoming and inviting environment where children have fun learning, feel safe, and create lasting friendships. Every year positive changes occur with Petr’s help and creativity.


Mr. Karl

Academic Director

Originally from the UK, Karl has a combined honours degree in History and English Literature, as well as a post graduate teaching certificate. Karl has been an important part of our school since 2012. His approach and dedication to teaching has given him a reputation reflected by the outstanding results students achieve. His love of writing and history leads to a wonderful mix of factual and creative expression. As academic director, he ensures our curriculum stays up to date and meets the necessary learning targets, as well as ensuring our school has a child-centered, critical thinking approach to learning.


Ms. Brandi

Early Years Coordinator

Originally from the US, Brandi is our Early Years Coordinator. She has a degree in Elementary Education along with an endorsement for reading instruction. After teaching Kindergarten and 1st grade in our school, Brandi became the Early Years Coordinator where she uses her creative and fun teaching approach to support the teachers to maintain a vibrant and thriving school. She ensures quality educational programs take place in a safe, positive, and healthy learning environment because Brandi’s philosophy is that every child can achieve when they are in the right space.


Ms. Jennifer

School Support Coordinator

Originally from the US, Jennifer studied Elementary Education and Economics. Jennifer grew up in Hong Kong and Asia attending international school. As the Student and Teacher Support Coordinator, she supports students so that they can achieve their true ability and promotes differentiation around the school to ensure every child is catered for. By incorporating personal knowledge and experiences into her lessons, she creates a diverse learning environment that appeals to young learners.


Ms. Agathe

Student Support Teacher & Parent Liaison

Originally from Commenchon, a small village in the north of France, Agathe gained her degrees in French and English Literature. She completed her teaching qualification in Oxford, where she taught French, Spanish and Latin in secondary schools. She moved to Prague in 2014 and has been teaching French, Spanish and Latin in international secondary schools. Agathe is our parent liaison, working closely with parents and school staff to ensure clear communication and strong community links. Agathe nurtures a growth mindset and strives to create an exciting learning environment where every child can reach their potential.


Mr. Dennis

Brown Bear Teacher

Born in the Netherlands, Dennis studied sports science and movement in Amsterdam. He used his teaching degree working in China for four years as the physical education teacher. He joined our school in 2020 as the lead sports teacher for the elementary school and then became our Brown Bear teacher, where he gives children a great introduction to school. Dennis believes a good education is fundamental for a better future, and puts these beliefs to good use with our youngest learners.


Ms. Julie

Brown Bear Teacher

Born in the Austrian Alps, Julie joined our Brown Bear class as a teacher in 2022. She uses her diploma in early-childhood education to create a fun and active classroom for our youngest learners. With her artistic mind and love of the guitar, you can see creativity in everything Julie does. Her philosophy is that even the youngest children need to learn for themselves.


Ms. Katarina

Polar Bear Teacher

Originally from Slovakia, with a certification to teach preschool children, she began teaching our Polar Bear class in 2018. Katarina is part of our curriculum development team where she brings her unique educational style. When you enter Katarina’s classroom, you will see children learning through fun activities. Katarina believes that children learn through exploring and creating.


Mr. Agnar

Polar Bear Assistant

Originally from Iceland, Agnar has been a dedicated member of our school since 2010. Not only does he teach in our pre-school, he is also the art teacher for lower elementary, where he puts his degree in art and film to good use. His creative ideas and unique approach to teaching art make his lessons interactive and fun. You will often find Agnar reading to the children or telling them stories, as he enjoys sharing stories and books to foster the children’s imagination.


Mr. Roberto

Panda Bear Teacher

Originally from Spain, Roberto has been teaching at our school since 2013. He has a degree in primary school teaching, as well as a masters in communication and behaviour. In our pre-school, Roberto uses his love of maths and science to teach fun and engaging lessons. He also uses his native language skills to teach Spanish to our elementary students. Roberto believes that by creating a loving and caring environment his students will feel safe and have the necessary tools to take risks and grow in their learning.


Ms. Beth

Panda Bear Teacher

Originally from the UK, Beth joined our school in 2023 to pursue her passion for working with children and helping them learn and develop. Her enthusiasm for all things musical, especially singing, is evident in her lessons, and she believes that children thrive in a nurturing environment where their emotional needs are prioritised alongside academic growth. You can usually find Beth reading or playing games with her Pandas!


Ms. Deniz

Music Teacher & Classroom Assistant

Originally from Turkey, Deniz has a master’s degree in music education and education sciences from Charles University. Her music classes are dynamic and encouraging, providing students with the opportunity to explore a diverse range of musical expressions, from playing instruments to composing, and from singing to rhythmic exploration. Deniz aims to create a harmonious and safe space where every voice can be heard and valued.


Taña, Lida, and Ruslana


Every person at our school plays an important role. However, without these three women, our school wouldn't run as smoothly as it does. They ensure our school remains clean and tidy throughout each day, and make sure all the children and staff have full tummies. We appreciate their hard work and contributions to our community.

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