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How do I get information about my child's progress?

Just ask! You can ask quick general questions at morning drop-off or afternoon pick-up. Need more time? Schedule an appointment with the teacher. Additionally, every two weeks, parents receive a newsletter about school and classroom activities. We also schedule 15-minute parent/teacher conferences twice per year. The conferences alternate with assessments so parents can monitor their child’s emotional, social, and academic progress.


What curriculum does Central Point follow? As an international school, we follow an international curriculum that meets American Common Core Standards and UK curriculum standards. Our science and social studies curriculum follows the IB early years’ standards. Our math curriculum follows the Singapore math program.


How can I get involved with my child at school? We offer many opportunities throughout the year. Parents can sign-up to read to the class, share a holiday or favorite tradition, share information about their culture or job, and many other ways. Teachers will inform parents in advance, but parents can also present ideas and availability.


Do you accept enrollment applications all year? We will consider mid-year enrollment based on availability. Pre-enrollment involves a one day, in-class, trial to assess if your child is on (or close to) the current academic level of the class. After the full day assessment, the director and teacher will meet to discuss enrollment. Enrollment requirements include reports for the current and previous two years, and a letter of recommendation from your child’s current school.

The number of days per month vary; how do you calculate school and lunch fees? We calculate the cost of school and lunches for the full school year (180 days) and divide by ten months to make monthly payments easier. We must receive payments two weeks prior to the approaching month or term.


Do you offer after school clubs? Yes, we offer a variety of clubs such as art, ceramics, chess, dance, newspaper club, scratch club, wood shop and more!


When do you have school holidays? We follow an international school calendar. Therefore, we have a mid-term break in October, two weeks in December (returning after the New Year), a mid-term winter break in February and two weeks in spring (March or April). 


Can our family take holidays outside scheduled school holidays? We ask parents to schedule holidays according to our school calendar. Although students can make up written work, students miss group work that reinforces learning and social aspects in the classroom. These aspects are equal to, if not more important than, written work.  Parents who schedule a holiday outside the school calendar will complete a family absence form, which we add to your child's permanent file. The child and parents must ensure the child returns to school on level with the class or completes any extra materials required to get on level with the class. Failure to match grade level requirements could result in the need to repeat the grade.


Do you offer summer camp? Yes, we offer a summer sport camp in July/August for 4 weeks. Our summer sport camp offers a fun, active way for children to spend part of their summer.


Is Central Point a bilingual school? No, Central Point is an international English school that offers Czech. With the exception of the Czech language class offered once per day, we teach all subjects in English. Bilingual schools teach some subjects in one language and some subjects in another language, or all subjects in both languages.


My child is a Czech native, will she take the required Czech exam? Yes, our Czech program prepares our students for the state exam, which our partner school, Jiřího z Poděbrad, administers twice per school year. 


Do you offer other languages? Yes, from 2nd grade onward, we offer Czech as a second language daily. In addition, we offer Spanish once per week from 3rd grade onward.


Does Central Point prepare my child for secondary school? We have positive results from children who continue to other international schools locally and abroad. Children who will continue at a Czech gymnasium should begin additional preparations in 4th grade, as the Czech gymnasium exam is quite challenging. At the beginning of 4th grade, we provide parents with a list of English, bilingual and Czech secondary schools. We can also offer support and guidance regarding your child’s next academic step.


I noticed you do not have a gym; how do children exercise? Although we do not have a gym, we use Vinohrady Sokol for gym lessons, and a nearby hotel for swimming lessons. Additionally, we have a wonderful playground, which provides a safe place for children to run and play before lunch, and after school. 


Do you offer overnight school trips? We only offer an end-of-the-year overnight trip to our 5th grade class. All other grades attend field trips at least once per term, but return the same day.


Why should we consider Central Point for our child? Our small class size, quality curriculum and staff, and family community will offer your child the opportunity to flourish. Arrange a meeting and see for yourself!

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