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Creating a strong foundation for learning! Central Point equips students with the skills and knowledge required for a successful transition to middle school. To date, Central Point graduates have successfully entered international schools in Prague or abroad, bilingual schools, and Czech gymnasiums. 


Our teachers realize not all students learn the same way or develop at the same rate. Helping students recognize their learning style helps them become successful learners. Additionally, we believe imagination and creativity contribute greatly to learning, development, and self-expression. Therefore, we encourage students to express ideas creatively.


We believe the emotional development of a student can benefit or hinder academic progress. We help students maintain or develop age-appropriate emotional skills by encouraging students to express, identify, and manage emotions appropriately. We expect students to develop positive relationships with peers and staff. Students at Central Point learn to express and manage actions and feelings in a positive and thoughtful manner.


Central Point inspires children to achieve. We rely on student/teacher/parent collaboration to reach our goal. Education is effective when learners are motivated, and challenged to look beyond the information taught. Inspiring children to dream and challenging them to achieve allows the world to become a playground with endless possibilities.

Come see how students learn and achieve at Central Point!

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