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A welcoming environment! Central Point offers bright, inviting classrooms. Our small class sizes encourage active participation from each student and allows time to explore topics with greater depth. For this reason, our graduates generally place above average when compared to other students. 


At Central Point, we encourage and promote active student engagement. We offer a quality curriculum to challenge, stimulate and encourage learning. We recognize technology as an important tool, but prefer the benefits of hands-on learning materials. Therefore, although our classrooms have smart boards, and other technology to enhance learning, technology is not the primary source of instruction. 

Our ever-growing school library offers a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books. We help students appreciate, respect, and develop a love for books by encouraging students to read daily. After all, reading is the most important learning tool. Reading offers the key to an invaluable gift: knowledge. 

We prepare our students for academic success, and view character development as equally important. Therefore, Character Education plays a large role in our education program. We understand teaching children to respect themselves, others, and the world around them is as important as learning knowledgeable facts. Character Education offers our students the opportunity to explore feelings, learn to solve problems in a positive manner, and discover how to take responsibility for their actions, behavior and learning. Central Point helps children become good students, and positive citizens of the world.


Visit our bright, active and inviting classrooms and discover what makes Central Point the right choice for your child!



Active learning; every day, in every classroom! Although timetables vary from class to class, our daily schedule ensures a balanced, quality educational experience each day. Within a typical school week, we offer . . .


  • Core subjects (English, Math, Social Studies and Science)

  • Czech for native speakers and Czech as a second language (G2 onward)

  • Music, Art, Spanish (G3 onward), Character Education, and Gym/Swim

  • Outdoor recess and breaks

  • Topic-related field trips every term

School starts at 8:30am, and children may enter the classroom at 8:20am. School ends 3:30pm, and after-school clubs occur from 3:35pm - 4:20pm. School closes at 4:30pm; we ask parents to arrive by 4:20pm.


Visit and discover the things our students and teachers accomplish each day!

Enrollment Guidelines

Join, participate, and learn.


Generally, enrollment only occurs in September. Enrollment during the school year depends on availability. Students who wish to enter mid-year will complete an assessment and provide information regarding current academic status from their previous school.


Central Point welcomes visitors throughout the school year with a 24-hour advance notice, and according to availability. Children on our waiting list will receive a notice regarding enrollment for September in March/April. Children must be at least 5 years of age by September 1st to enter Central Point Kindergarten (year 1).


Please contact us regarding enrollment or to arrange a visit. We suggest arranging a visit with your child. Although we want to please parents, we want to make sure your child will feel happy and comfortable attending our school.


We are looking forward to meeting you and your child!


International, experienced, and dedicated teachers! Our wonderful teachers have varied experiences, and qualifications in elementary education. Our teachers respect the specific needs and learning styles of each student, and meet individual needs by adjusting the classroom, activities or techniques according to the individual needs of a student or the class.


Our staff can recognize developmental delays or advanced skills. If a member of our staff detects a developmental concern or advancement, we monitor the developmental area and apply appropriate strategies to meet the child’s needs and discuss our approach with the child's parents. Developmental levels vary greatly from child to child. We encourage parents to avoid using the developmental level of other children to measure the developmental level of their child. 


We assess students twice per year in a non-critical manner to monitor developmental milestones. Assessments provide a valid way to monitor a child's development and offer an opportunity to discover developmental areas that demonstrate exceptional skills or require extra attention.


The school principal is American, and has a master's degree in clinical psychology with an emphasis on child psychology. Her interactive hands-on approach ensures the program maintains high standards regarding staff quality, program implementation, as well as, developing and maintaining positive relationships with children and parents. Her office is always open to address questions/comments/concerns or just to say hello.


Come see how our teachers make education and learning fun!


Lunch plays an important part of each day. Hungry children or children who do not eat well can have difficulty concentrating, feel irritable, and tend to get ill more often. We offer healthy, delicious meals, prepared by a quality catering company to ensure children eat well and have the energy required to learn, enjoy and play throughout the school day. We regularly ask children for feedback about lunch and welcome healthy menu suggestions.


The catering company offers a vegetarian option or gluten or lactose option for children with allergies. If a child has severe allergies or several different allergies, we highly recommend packing lunch for your child.


Children can bring their own packed lunch. However, we ask parents to pack healthy, ready to serve, lunches for their child in an insulated lunch bag or box. Please provide healthy snacks in lieu of candy, cookies or other sweets. Children cannot bring sugary drinks to school or on school trips. 


We make efforts to limit sweets at school. Therefore, we do not permit cakes or sweets for birthday celebrations. Instead of sweets or cake, we ask children to celebrate with a special activity such as sharing personal photos or reading their favorite story.


We offer water readily throughout the day. As well as, tea or milk occasionally with snacks.

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